home projects


I've created animations and edited for a wide range of projects using a variety of software.
I've designed and scripted many animations and I also have extensive experience working from storyboards.


The Bay Institute
Produced by BeCreative. The Bay Institute is the leader in protecting and restoring the entire watershed which drains
into San Francisco Bay. I created animations and graphics, and served as assistant editor for this piece.

promotional video

Aquarium of the Bay Exhibit – San Francisco
Produced by BeCreative. A museum video installation ex-
plaining MPA's - restoring the beauty, bounty, and diversity
of our natural undersea world. I created animations and graphics, and served as assistant editor for this piece.

Marine Protected Areas

The Future of Food
Feature film documentary produced by Lily Films. I conferred with experts while helping design depictions of the stages of genetic engineering process. Integrated a wide variety of source materials into these animation sequences.

Future of Food

Genetic Engineering Process

Symphony of the Soil
Feature film produced by Lily Films. Created preliminary exploratory animations for this project. Used Adobe After Effects as editing software. Created and manipulated 3-D models, produced graphics based on SEM photography.

Living Basis of the Soil
Light Energy Through Soil
Mineral Deposit Processes
Mineral Erosion

Vadzone (Video Ad Directory)
Vadzone will be coming soon to provide an online direct-
ory of informative video ads promoting a full spectrum of
businesses and organizations.
Created promotional animations.

promotional animation

Center for Creative Inquiry
Animated visual aids for experiential experiments that explore the Time, Space, Knowledge vision of Tarthang Tulku. Several of these pieces include interactivity.
CCI website

kosup interactivity

Conducting Nuclear Time
Object and its Glow
Generating Space
Abiding in Thought

Ninth House Network
A desktop learning network dedicated to employee edu-
cation and training. Created Flash-based animations
and interfaces.

ninth house network

Capturing Brand You
Resolving Interpersonal Issues
High Impact Hiring

Miscellaneous Animations
Animation for a Children's pilot TV program.
Animations for a college psychology course.

Kyle Kosup animations

Tree of Time
Mind Matters Introduction
Basic Human Emotions